Boozer and Shoeser

I am not proud of it but I am what I like to call a “boozer & shoeser” when it comes to me and my money management skills.

Let’s not get the wrong idea though. I do consider myself to be a “successful” guy and I don’t want you to think that I immediately run to the closest Nike outlet or bar after getting my paycheck and throw money at people. I went to school for the all too standard and generic Communications Degree and got pretty lucky landing my job as an office administrator for the university that I graduated from. No, I am not a secretary and have more responsibilities than that and probably get paid more than you would think.

I recently bought my first house a few years ago and pay all of my bills on time but as I was coming up, I realize how much money I threw away on worthless things.

I decided to make this blog as a way of hopefully hearing from some of you lovely readers on your poor spending habits and hopefully ultimately making myself feel better in the end.

I am a selfish guy; what can I say?

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