Think I’m Going For It

So after I calmed myself down and talked myself off the ledge when I realized how much this new roof was going to cost me, I think I have made a decision. I really still don’t like the looks of them, but I think I am going to splurge and spoil myself a tad bit and go for the metal roof. It is definitely going to cost me more than the traditional shingle route but then again will probably save me the trouble of going through this nonsense again. It really makes a lot more sense considering I live in a terrible part of the country.

I am kind of thinking about something along the lines of this.

I don’t know why I don’t like the looks of most metal roofing but the ones like this kind of give that traditional shingle look that I kind of want to keep.

This is what I picture most metal roofs looking like.

This is what I want to avoid at all costs. I don’t think that looks like a roof that should be on a house. That looks like the roof of some stupid business or office building and I want to keep my house feeling as “homey” as possible. I am also kind of concerned about the noise this thing is going to cause from the inside of my house. I can’t imagine rain pounding down on a metal surface could be any quieter than a shingle material but who knows. I also can’t imagine that they haven’t figured out how to keep the noise at a minimum. No one would buy these things if you could hear every water droplet coming down, right? Yeah, that was a stupid thought…

Let the Shopping Begin

It wasn’t more than five years ago where I would have found myself on my computer looking up the newest models of some Jordan’s or Pumas and I wouldn’t even bother looking at the price. If I found some shoes and I liked them, I bought them. This whole growing up thing has really been kind of a drag and I am really feeling the pain and misery of my younger self throwing away my hard earned cash on things that have had 0 positive impact on my life. Alright, I may have gotten a few more phone numbers with my outfits and shoes. Yeah, starting to feel a little better about my old spending habits already.

So I really haven’t left my computer aside from having to go to work for the past few days just looking up whatever I can find on roofs. As you can probably tell from my old spending habits and “vanity,” I never really learned much about fixing up houses or any kind of manual labor. I found this roofing company here that kind of looks like they might have some options that I am looking for but they are a little bit of a drive away so I don’t even know if they would be able to hook me up. I guess if I am spending thousands of dollars it would be worth it for them to make the trip, right?

Honestly, doing all of this research online makes me realize how good people in my generation have it. You can literally have anything you want done for whatever reason at any moment with just a click of your mouse. My parents never would have dreamed of this kind of stuff and had to take every single matter into their own hands. I don’t think I would have survived if I was born any sooner than I was.

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