Add Another to the List

If any of you missed my last post, the gutters on my house completely shit the bed and collapsed on me after we got a pretty bad storm that blew through. I had some guy come out and take a look at everything and getting these things fixed is not cheap. And that is the good part of my story…

Can I Return Some of these Shoes?

So as this guy was on my roof doing his little evaluation and determining how much money he is going to be able to get off me, he tells me that he has noticed a little something on my roof that might be of concern…

If you recall, I live in a pretty awful part of the country and we get pretty crazy storms probably more often than most of you reading this. Because of this lovely area that I live in, the gutter guy that came to my house noticed a tear starting to form on the roof of my house.

This was the exact expression I had on my face when he told me this and had to go up to take a look for myself.

Sure enough, my roof is probably going to be f^@%ed by the end of the year if I don’t do anything about this. It’s not anything¬†too crazy right now but with the weather that we get here pounding at my house way too often, I can already picture what is going to happen.

I am going to be sitting in my family absolutely living the dream. I will have had a great week at work and I will be drinking a pint of Guinness (my favorite beer of course) watching my favorite TV show at the time. I can see the water droplets forming on my ceiling and slowly falling directly on my head. Only moments after will my entire roof cave in and I will be sitting there with my collapsed house around me with my beer still in my hand and that will be the moment I decide to take myself out of this world.

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t do that to you guys without saying good bye.

Not Gonna Happen to This Guy

Now that I have these amazing gutter guard things installed on my brand new beautiful gutters, I kind of want to spoil myself and buy a super nice roof while I am at it. I want to sell this stupid house some day and if I am going to be doing some home improvements I might as well go all in right?

So I have asphalt shingles as a roof right now and as you know now, they have kind of failed me. So after doing some research on the good ol’ internet, I think I want a metal roof.

I found this article on Wikipedia¬†and I think this might be the route I am going to take. With where I live, doesn’t it make the most sense to get the strongest and most durable type of roof I can buy?

The problem is the looks of most metal roofs. I really don’t like how they look and I can’t really picture it matching well on my house but at this point I think i need to put my houses vanity to the side for a second and make sure it can survive until I am ready to sell it.

Again, a years worth of my dumb shoes could have paid for this roof…




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