Putting Things in Perspective

I have to be honest; after reading my last post over to myself it kind of depressed me and got me to thinking. I wonder what the 65 year old me would tell me right now about the things I regret. I know I would slap myself in the face and try to force myself to realize that I do not need to be spending so much money on things that have no real impact on my life.

What Happened

Alright so I live in kind of a shitty part of the country and get pretty bad storms pretty much all year round and over time, can put in some work to your house. This was most certainly the case for my house unfortunately and this week I got to really see it and feel it in my wallet. For any of you home owners out there, you may or may not realize that your gutters tend to collect quite a lot of shit over time and if you have a lot of trees and what not around your house in combination with crazy storms, it gets real bad real quick.

So I realized this when I purchased my house a few years ago and one of my home improvement projects was getting new gutters. Not just any gutters though my friends; I got seamless gutters. Top of the line, debris holding, & and all too powerful seamless gutters. They look like this if any of you have never seen them or have no clue what I am talking about:

Those little metal bridge looking things are there to hold your gutters up after they collect too much debris and leaves into them and are supposed to completely prevent them from collapsing or breaking down.

Unfortunately, even with these “state of the god damn art” seamless gutters, mine decided to give way and a section of them completely collapsed after another storm. So I do pretty well when it comes to home improvements and definitely know my way around a tool box. I actually kind of enjoy the work and once the projects all done, there is nothing better than sitting down with a celebration beer or cocktail and going to bed feeling like you accomplished something for the day and for your home. Almost like the caveman  DNA inside of me is proud of my shelter and the work I put into it.

Being that I live in such a dismal part of the country, I have come to the conclusion that I need a little bit more than these seamless gutters to really get the protection I am looking for. I found this company in St. Louis that carries this brand of gutter guards that looks like does the job that I am looking for. I called a buddy of mine that knows more about this kind of stuff than I do and said that having something like this installed would cost around one and a half to two grand to have done.


So this is what brought me to this whole putting things in perspective thing. I have spent two grand on shoes in high school alone. I probably spent two grand on partying in a month multiple times when I was in college. It is so much worse when you actually crunch some numbers…

If i could have held back from buying the next pair of Jordan’s for a year, or just took a month off of partying once or twice in college these gutters could be paid for. There are so many things that just pop up into life that you don’t expect and the money I have just thrown away in the past could have gone a long ways right now…

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