Could Be Worse?

Well it looks like I have a little something to be thankful for, at least for now. So my neighbor is a pretty friendly guy and always likes to make small talk whenever he gets the chance. Literally, any chance that this man has he runs over to strike up a conversation. I never really have been good at making small talk with strangers and to be honest I really don’t like it. I might sound like an ass but if I have gotten this far in my life without ever meeting you then I really don’t have any interest in doing so. Unless you’re a beautiful female of course, then I am all ears.

At Least I’m Not Him

So if you recall, I am in the market for a new roof and I have not exactly been thrilled about it but I have come to accept that it needs to happen and I have gotten over the fact that a couple months of my past boozing could have paid for the stupid thing.

Alright let’s get back on topic.

My lovely neighbor happened to notice that gutter guy on my roof a week or so back and was curious if I had come across the same misfortune as he had. I of course had no idea what he was talking about and he proceeds to tell me that he found mice in his attic.

Alright, I can handle a tear in a roof or a gutter or two falling apart but mice??? Nope.

I have never really done well with any kind of little critters or creatures and if it isn’t a dog, I probably want nothing to do with it. So I immediately start drilling the guy about the situation and apparently this dude literally has an infestation of mice up in his attic and probably throughout the walls of his entire house.

Could you imagine that? How creepy of a feeling is it thinking about sleeping so peacefully at night and your entire house is being taken over by some varmints making themselves right at home when you least expect it and are defenseless. Jesus this is giving me the creeps just typing this out. Could anything feel more violating than this? Maybe a robber or some other stranger rummaging through your stuff. That would probably be a little bit more violating.

But mice would be a close second for me. I don’t know what the hell I would do if I woke up and found mice in my house. I would lose my mind. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I don’t think there is anyway I could stay a night in my house if I knew I had MICE CRAWLING IN MY WALLS.

Back to Feeling Alright

So I have noticed that the tone of this has been pretty negative and I have been complaining a lot and even though I feel absolutely horrible for saying this; my neighbor getting these mice really have lifted my spirits. A little tear in my roof is a breeze compared to this. I think you’d see a “for sale” sign in front of my house before I slept one night in a house being taken over by mice.

Think I’m Going For It

So after I calmed myself down and talked myself off the ledge when I realized how much this new roof was going to cost me, I think I have made a decision. I really still don’t like the looks of them, but I think I am going to splurge and spoil myself a tad bit and go for the metal roof. It is definitely going to cost me more than the traditional shingle route but then again will probably save me the trouble of going through this nonsense again. It really makes a lot more sense considering I live in a terrible part of the country.

I am kind of thinking about something along the lines of this.

I don’t know why I don’t like the looks of most metal roofing but the ones like this kind of give that traditional shingle look that I kind of want to keep.

This is what I picture most metal roofs looking like.

This is what I want to avoid at all costs. I don’t think that looks like a roof that should be on a house. That looks like the roof of some stupid business or office building and I want to keep my house feeling as “homey” as possible. I am also kind of concerned about the noise this thing is going to cause from the inside of my house. I can’t imagine rain pounding down on a metal surface could be any quieter than a shingle material but who knows. I also can’t imagine that they haven’t figured out how to keep the noise at a minimum. No one would buy these things if you could hear every water droplet coming down, right? Yeah, that was a stupid thought…

Let the Shopping Begin

It wasn’t more than five years ago where I would have found myself on my computer looking up the newest models of some Jordan’s or Pumas and I wouldn’t even bother looking at the price. If I found some shoes and I liked them, I bought them. This whole growing up thing has really been kind of a drag and I am really feeling the pain and misery of my younger self throwing away my hard earned cash on things that have had 0 positive impact on my life. Alright, I may have gotten a few more phone numbers with my outfits and shoes. Yeah, starting to feel a little better about my old spending habits already.

So I really haven’t left my computer aside from having to go to work for the past few days just looking up whatever I can find on roofs. As you can probably tell from my old spending habits and “vanity,” I never really learned much about fixing up houses or any kind of manual labor. I found this roofing company here that kind of looks like they might have some options that I am looking for but they are a little bit of a drive away so I don’t even know if they would be able to hook me up. I guess if I am spending thousands of dollars it would be worth it for them to make the trip, right?

Honestly, doing all of this research online makes me realize how good people in my generation have it. You can literally have anything you want done for whatever reason at any moment with just a click of your mouse. My parents never would have dreamed of this kind of stuff and had to take every single matter into their own hands. I don’t think I would have survived if I was born any sooner than I was.

Add Another to the List

If any of you missed my last post, the gutters on my house completely shit the bed and collapsed on me after we got a pretty bad storm that blew through. I had some guy come out and take a look at everything and getting these things fixed is not cheap. And that is the good part of my story…

Can I Return Some of these Shoes?

So as this guy was on my roof doing his little evaluation and determining how much money he is going to be able to get off me, he tells me that he has noticed a little something on my roof that might be of concern…

If you recall, I live in a pretty awful part of the country and we get pretty crazy storms probably more often than most of you reading this. Because of this lovely area that I live in, the gutter guy that came to my house noticed a tear starting to form on the roof of my house.

This was the exact expression I had on my face when he told me this and had to go up to take a look for myself.

Sure enough, my roof is probably going to be f^@%ed by the end of the year if I don’t do anything about this. It’s not anything too crazy right now but with the weather that we get here pounding at my house way too often, I can already picture what is going to happen.

I am going to be sitting in my family absolutely living the dream. I will have had a great week at work and I will be drinking a pint of Guinness (my favorite beer of course) watching my favorite TV show at the time. I can see the water droplets forming on my ceiling and slowly falling directly on my head. Only moments after will my entire roof cave in and I will be sitting there with my collapsed house around me with my beer still in my hand and that will be the moment I decide to take myself out of this world.

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t do that to you guys without saying good bye.

Not Gonna Happen to This Guy

Now that I have these amazing gutter guard things installed on my brand new beautiful gutters, I kind of want to spoil myself and buy a super nice roof while I am at it. I want to sell this stupid house some day and if I am going to be doing some home improvements I might as well go all in right?

So I have asphalt shingles as a roof right now and as you know now, they have kind of failed me. So after doing some research on the good ol’ internet, I think I want a metal roof.

I found this article on Wikipedia and I think this might be the route I am going to take. With where I live, doesn’t it make the most sense to get the strongest and most durable type of roof I can buy?

The problem is the looks of most metal roofs. I really don’t like how they look and I can’t really picture it matching well on my house but at this point I think i need to put my houses vanity to the side for a second and make sure it can survive until I am ready to sell it.

Again, a years worth of my dumb shoes could have paid for this roof…




Putting Things in Perspective

I have to be honest; after reading my last post over to myself it kind of depressed me and got me to thinking. I wonder what the 65 year old me would tell me right now about the things I regret. I know I would slap myself in the face and try to force myself to realize that I do not need to be spending so much money on things that have no real impact on my life.

What Happened

Alright so I live in kind of a shitty part of the country and get pretty bad storms pretty much all year round and over time, can put in some work to your house. This was most certainly the case for my house unfortunately and this week I got to really see it and feel it in my wallet. For any of you home owners out there, you may or may not realize that your gutters tend to collect quite a lot of shit over time and if you have a lot of trees and what not around your house in combination with crazy storms, it gets real bad real quick.

So I realized this when I purchased my house a few years ago and one of my home improvement projects was getting new gutters. Not just any gutters though my friends; I got seamless gutters. Top of the line, debris holding, & and all too powerful seamless gutters. They look like this if any of you have never seen them or have no clue what I am talking about:

Those little metal bridge looking things are there to hold your gutters up after they collect too much debris and leaves into them and are supposed to completely prevent them from collapsing or breaking down.

Unfortunately, even with these “state of the god damn art” seamless gutters, mine decided to give way and a section of them completely collapsed after another storm. So I do pretty well when it comes to home improvements and definitely know my way around a tool box. I actually kind of enjoy the work and once the projects all done, there is nothing better than sitting down with a celebration beer or cocktail and going to bed feeling like you accomplished something for the day and for your home. Almost like the caveman  DNA inside of me is proud of my shelter and the work I put into it.

Being that I live in such a dismal part of the country, I have come to the conclusion that I need a little bit more than these seamless gutters to really get the protection I am looking for. I found this company in St. Louis that carries this brand of gutter guards that looks like does the job that I am looking for. I called a buddy of mine that knows more about this kind of stuff than I do and said that having something like this installed would cost around one and a half to two grand to have done.


So this is what brought me to this whole putting things in perspective thing. I have spent two grand on shoes in high school alone. I probably spent two grand on partying in a month multiple times when I was in college. It is so much worse when you actually crunch some numbers…

If i could have held back from buying the next pair of Jordan’s for a year, or just took a month off of partying once or twice in college these gutters could be paid for. There are so many things that just pop up into life that you don’t expect and the money I have just thrown away in the past could have gone a long ways right now…

How Much Money Have I Wasted?

Have any of you out there every stopped and really thought about exactly what you spend your money on? Let’s all take a minute and think about the last month of our lives. Let’s think about how much money we make and how much our bills run us every month and then think about how much money is left over. Now think about how much money you have laying around this month to do the responsible thing and head straight to your bank to make a lovely and grown up deposit, watching your massive savings grow by the month…

Please someone let me know that I am not the only one who gets a massive panic attack at this thought…

Most of these apply to me but my absolute biggest waste of money, as you are about to read about, is booze and shoes… I promise that rhyme is a coincidence.

Let’s Take This a Step Further…

Now let’s do a really scary thought… This one is going to be for all the grown ups out there and hopefully any of you younger ones reading this will take some of this to heart.

Alrighty grown ups take a moment to look back at your younger years, high school and college for most of us and maybe middle school for any of you ragers out there. Think about when you just started off drinking and doing dumb things with your friends when life was good and you had no real bills (well, I did at least; took the good ol’ community college route).

Maybe it’s just me (please God I hope not), but when I sit down and do a little bit of math about the money I absolutely THREW away during my college years; the numbers are absolutely staggering. Now granted, I definitely liked to throw them back like the rest of them and I probably did a little bit more partying than the average Joe but still, the things I could have done with that money is mind blowing.

Looking back when I worked full time in school but still lived with my parents (the greatest time of my life by the way; for anyone reading this in that situation please savor it), it was not anywhere close to out of the ordinary for me to blow 50, 100, 150 dollars in a night at the bar or clubs with friends. Mostly trying to get laid, which never really panned out too well, but also just trying to be the friendly nice guy that everyone loves to see and loves to party with.

That was my life… And it was awesome.

Times Have Changed…

Now that I have grown up (for the most part) and own my own home and car, I realize how far all that money could have gone.

There are so many things that you have to pay for when you reach this horrific age of mine and life would have been so much better (and a lot less painful being hangover free) if I would have just had a taaaad bit more guidance and knowledge about money management.

How many pairs of shoes have I bought that could have gone into my house? I don’t know what it is about shoes but I just love them and can’t get enough. We all have our own little vices that we don’t need to be blowing money on right?

At least I’m not smoking meth…